XS5200 Series Models

RAID EE Technology

Add More Disks to Reduce Rebuild Time

As drive capacity grows, RAID rebuild time grows linearly.
Using RAID EE technology will greatly reduce these risks and improve rebuild time by up to 58%.

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SED & ISE for High Secured Data

Simple for Protecting Your Data

Data encryption ensures that all sensitive user stored on the array is encrypted as it is written to disk, so that private data ddataoes not fall into the bad guys.

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Virtualization for QSAN

Let VM Storage Faster and More Efficiently

Certified by the latest VMware vSphere with VAAI support, Windows Server 2016/2012 R2 with Windows ODX support, and the latest Citrix XenServer. Allowing hypervisors to provision data intelligently and run even more VMs with a lower total cost of ownership.